Learn More About Panarchy, Anarchy and Libertarian Politics

The debate regarding which direction the United States should steer politically is once again in full swing. Several proposals for government reform are currently circulating.

Believers in the viability of the concept of panarchy, a system of government that encompasses all other forms of government, are enjoying a resurgence in its popularity due primarily to civil unrest and increased political debate in the U.S. Under the umbrella of panarchy, citizens can choose their own system of government. While the idea sounds to many like the solution to the problems the U.S. is facing, others feel this choice can leave the government system in a state of anti-government, or anarchy.

Without any formal and specific system of governance, many fear a complete collapse of government. Given that there are so many choices in forms of government and so many states, counties and towns making their own choices, massive confusion in the U.S. is the very least of the consequences that can result from such a radical shift in government.

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